It’s all about Great Taste

On 17 October 2021, 355 judges have blind-tasted 14,113 different products from 108 countries. It took these experts 86 days to come to a conclusion and select the tastiest food products from all over the world. These numbers reveal an undeniable truth: in the end, it’s all about taste. What are The Great Taste Awards? […]

Proud to be a ‘Henokiens’

In this high-paced world dominated by multinationals, it has become a challenge for companies to remain loyal to their values and family history. For that reason, Grondona is proud to be elected as a Henokiens Association member. “A member of Heno-what?”, you might ask. Well, you did read it correctly though: ‘The Henokiens’ or ‘Les […]

Regalati tempo, inizia la giornata con una buona

Regalati tempo, inizia la giornata con una buona colazione: preparala con cura e assapora con calma questo momento. Noi oggi abbiamo scelto i Lagaccio, i bis-cotti al burro, una gioia per i palati più raffinati! biscottificiogrondona.