Quality, without compromise

Quality is a family philosophy for us, it is fundamental without compromise. We agree on two points: the continuous search for the best raw materials and the constant use of natural ingredients.

Using high-quality raw materials is an indispensable choice for those who believe in the essential things. The compromise is not possible when quality is your aim. Top-notch ingredients are the founding of our family’s traditional recipes. Without those ingredients, we would not mirror and show our respect to the bicentennial reality that, yesterday like today, makes us unique.

The research of precious raw materials, the only ones able to characterize each product is an equal challenge.
Our knowledge about the ingredients is supported by constant monitoring of Grondona sourdough by famous Italian Universities. They analyzed and released their research of the organoleptic complexity and correlated health benefits.

Grandpa Francesco always taught us to read what was in a particular product, whether it was a snack, preserve, soup or cookie. When schools visit our facilities, he reminds all the children that if they read an ingredient they don’t know, they should put the product back on the shelf.
As you can easily guess, for us, ingredients and quality are true pillars of family history. 


                                                                                                                                                    Francesco & Andrea Grondona

Genuine Ingredients

In Grondona, it is not enough a normal flour it takes the Manitoba that offers more complete taste and is rich in protein, ideal to exalt the natural leavening.

Butter, the basic ingredient of pastry, to comply with the recipe must be of the highest quality.

The Almonds are not armellines, but hazelnuts from Piemonte are whole, peeled, and roasted at the moment; the pine nuts are long and thin (“Pisa type” national pine nuts), more refined, but also tastier.

The sultanas from Smirne, cultivated and dried under Turkey’s sun, are controlled and selected by hand and have soft-peel grains that best give taste and softness to the dough.

The orange peels are intact and not pressed and contain all essential oils; the quality of candied fruit is perceived through all the senses: the color of the precious quartzes, the intense perfume, and the taste without any exasperation.

Candied fruits of real fruit (pears, apples, peaches, pineapple, peel of oranges) choose during the season, therefore already rich in its aromas and natural perfumes that through six months of aging in tanks, without adding, anhydride sulfur, acquires extraordinary characteristics of softness and taste.

Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As our ancestors’ recipes taught us those same values that Grondona was founded upon. We only use butter obtained from fresh cream and cold-pressed Italian extra virgin olive oil for all our products. We avoid other kinds of fats that have replaced them in a lot of industrial products, including regular olive oil.

The use of high-quality ingredients is an indispensable choice for those of us who believe in the intensity of a simple favor and health benefits.

To respect the recipe, butter always has to be of the highest quality, as it is the basic ingredient of all shortbread products that give them their well-known crispness and softness. It’s pure butter made by centrifugation from fresh cream, without lactose, ethyl vanillin, or chemical dyes.

For the same reason, we only use extra virgin (cold pressed) olive oil, without ever resorting to anything else: forget about rapeseed, palm oil, or sunflower oil. Our preparations, in fact, don’t allow for compromise – only the best.

The EVO oil, a distinctive feature of the Mediterranean tradition, blends beautifully with the other ingredients and offers flavors and aromas that distinguish our desserts from others and guarantee their authenticity.

No Flavourings

Grondona masters the art of knowing how to combine the aromas of natural ingredients selected to create intense, rich, and simple flavors at the same time.

Grondona continues to operate as traditions have taught, as it was done in the past when products were flavored simply by using excellent raw materials and natural aromas.

Only real ingredients are used; nothing but lemon and its own juice, water distilled from orange blossoms, and aniseed and vanilla beans straight from Madagascar.

Colorants, preservatives, artificial flavors, and other so-called “natural flavors” are strictly banned in the Grondona production.

Those natural flavors are mainly obtained synthetically and are often used in the confectionery industry for their high aromatic performance and low cost. For this reason and others, the Grondona production can boast of speaking to the most refined palates.

health benefits sourdough

The ingredients

Quality is a family value for us, it is fundamental to reach it without compromise. We agree on two points: the continuous search for the best raw materials and the constant use of natural ingredients for Grondona traditional Italian cookies.

Everyone who believes in essential things agrees on two things: the constant search for better products, and the constant use of superb ingredients. These are the genuine ingredients that we use for Grondona traditional Italian cookies:

Manitoba flour

Has a more complete taste and is rich in proteins compared to regular flour which is ideal for strengthening the sourdough starter. It is often used in Italian cookies recipes.

Butter & Oil

As our ancestors’ recipes taught us, we only use butter obtained from fresh cream and cold-pressed Italian extra virgin olive oil, like the authentic Italian tradition must.

Italian Nuts

They are not just kernels. They are originally refined, whole nuts, carefully peeled and roasted for maximum taste. They are the core of Grondona Italian fine pastries.

Candied Fruit

The quality of the candied fruit can be perceived through all the senses: the color, the perfume and the intense flavor. It’s the natural and healthy alternative to chocolate chips.

Fresh Eggs

We use only Italian eggs from farms with free-range hens.

Madagascar Vanilla

For us, quality is fundamental and uncompromising, that’s why we use only the real vanilla bean selected and pure, without the addition of any flavorings.

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