Biscottificio Grondona, Italian biscuits and pastries

Our family traditional cookies recipes, since 1820.

— Grondona Great Taste Awards —

Over the years, Grondona has been honored not less than 3 times at this prestigious award show, confirming what we already knew: we have great taste in our blood.

The ingredients

Quality is a family value for us, it is fundamental to reach it without compromise. We agree on two points: the continuous search for the best raw materials and the constant use of natural ingredients for Grondona traditional Italian cookies.

Everyone who believes in essential things agrees on two things: the constant search for better products, and the constant use of superb ingredients. These are the genuine ingredients that we use for Grondona traditional Italian cookies:

Manitoba flour

Has a more complete taste and is rich in proteins compared to regular flour which is ideal for strengthening the sourdough starter. It is often used in Italian cookies recipes.

Butter & Oil

As our ancestors’ recipes taught us, we only use butter obtained from fresh cream and cold-pressed Italian extra virgin olive oil, like the authentic Italian tradition must.

Italian Nuts

They are not just kernels. They are originally refined, whole nuts, carefully peeled and roasted for maximum taste. They are the core of Grondona Italian fine pastries.

Candied Fruit

The quality of the candied fruit can be perceived through all the senses: the color, the perfume and the intense flavor. It’s the natural and healthy alternative to chocolate chips.

Fresh Eggs

We use only Italian eggs from farms with free-range hens.

Madagascar Vanilla

For us, quality is fundamental and uncompromising, that’s why we use only the real vanilla bean selected and pure, without the addition of any flavorings.

Guardians of Tradition.

Grondona’s best-kept secret is the use of mother yeast (or sourdough) to make our delicacies. For nearly two centuries we have kept our sourdough alive without the addition of other foreign yeast. Day by day we refreshed it to provide our cookies an unmatched airy, and light texture, thus you can experience our products in their rich and natural full flavor.

— Looking for a gift? —

A gift is a sign of affection: it only counts if behind it there is attention, commitment, choice, and the thought of the pleasure of those receiving it.
Are you looking to where to buy Italian pastries? Grondona gift packs have all the love of delicious Italian bakery inside. Feel free to indulge!


The Grondona’s family story starts at the beginning of the 19th century, in an ancient factory with an ‘artisan flour mill’. At the beginning of 1900, Orlando moved the production from fresh pasta (vermicelli) to cookies, for the best shops in the city of Genoa (Italy).

The story was then passed down through the generations thanks to Grandfather Orlando and his notes, collected in his secret Black Notebook.

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