Nutritious, tasty, simple. The breakfast biscuit must have many qualities. Grondona knows how to interpret these through the richness of the ingredients, the processing, and the mother yeast rising.
Lagaccio, Corleggeri, Gallette 1803 and Ciambellone are the various opportunities for those who want to start their day with nourishment and taste, lightness and delicacy.

Special Moments

The Pandolce, which in Genoa is brought to the table on the festive occasions of the end of the year, stems from the common wisdom of enriching bread with sweetness and colour on feast day occasions. Starting from popular tradition, the confectionery art of Grondona has made the Pandolce a true and sought-after specialty.

Fresh Pastries

Delicacies made with fine short pastry and carefully selected ingredients. No compromise for these heirs of homemade confectionary. With an irregular and rustic appearance, brittle and at the same time consistent on the palate, these mini biscuits are produced by traditional methods. It meets the quality that the Grondona family represents. Many small gestures of pleasure!

Tasteful Gift Ideas

A gift is a sign of quality: it only counts if behind it there is attention, commitment, choice and the thought of the pleasure of those receiving it. Since the beginning of our existence our pastry has been made with one dose of sugar, two of butter and three of flour. The butter is checked by batch and not by sample, the flour is extracted from the centre of the grain. The recipe is that of simple tradition. Grondona has chosen to pack it in a simple and elegant design.


Our tradition pushes us to use exclusively sourdough in our ‘Pane Crocante, excluding the industry used brewer’s yeast. This rusk proves excellent for breakfast, “bruschette”, canapés, soups, salads, etc….. It is a healthy alternative to traditional bread that is almost always produced with yeast nowadays. Compared to bread it lasts longer thanks to its moisture, has a longer shelf-life and so helps to reduce waste.

On the go

The pleasure of having a great product always available wherever you are; the pleasure of always tasting a speciality with its original flavour and crispness. This is what Grondona ensures by packaging some of its specialities in a single-dose pack.

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